Practical Robotics Course 2024


Prof. Dr. Jochen J. Steil



On Wednesday, the 3rd of April, at 2pm, we will do the kickoff for the course.
Every participant is obliged to be present at the kickoff.
You can register for the course via mail.
Please contact the organizers for this purpose.
They will also help you with further information on the course.
Please note that the participants with passed Robotics I exam will be preferred.
Further registrations will be processed chronologically.

The regular course dates take place weekly in our robotics lab.
Participation in the regular course dates is also mandatory.
The exact time slot for these dates will be determined during the kickoff.






Sven Tittel, Clara Pham


Master Computer Science, Computer and Communication Systems Engineering, CSE, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, open for students of all faculties.


Knowledge from Robotics I is required; Robotics II is recommended.


During the practical robotics course, the methods of the lectures of Robotik I and Robotik II will be applied in practical experiments.

The experiments contain

  • modelling and simulation of a common robot work cell:
    geometric modelling, forward and inverse kinematics, offline programming
  • online robot programming: solving a palletizing task
  • design and assembly of a parallel robot
  • grasping an object from a treadmill using optical sensors
  • sensor based navigation for mobile robots using the robot operating system (ROS)


Complete and successful participation in all experiments including an oral colloquium each.