Real-time Communication between Industrial Robots and Automation Modeling Language

Type of thesis: 


Starting Data: 


Abstract/Topic : 

Background: The concept "smart factory" is an essential part in "Industry 4.0", which represents a fully connected and flexible system. The modern automated manufacturing requires cyber-physical systems to communicate and cooperate with each other. The organization, arrangement, and customization of the manufacturing processes which employ computer control and high adaptability are important aspects of this type of digitalization and computerization of the manufacuring.



  • The detailed tasks will be discussed and formulated together with the supervisor and the professor.


  • Interests in Controlling Industrial Robots
  • Experiences in Programming
  • Knowledge of Computer Networking and Communication

Preferred Skills (but not necessary):

  • Knowledge of Software Architecture
  • Experiences in Robotic Middlewares, such as OROCOS

Required Qualification: 

Interests in Controlling Industrial Robots, Experiences in Programming, Knowledge of Computer Networking and Communication