Our Presentations at ICRA

We have two contributions for The IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2020 which will be presented online in the virtual conference:

  • "Hierarchical Interest-Driven Associative Goal Babbling for Efficient Bootstrapping of Sensorimotor Skills"
    by Rania Rayyes, Heiko Donat, and Jochen Steil
    on Monday 1st June, 11.30 am, in Learning and Adaptive Systems II session, Paper schedule code: MoB08.2
  • "Compliant Humanoids Moving Toward Rehabilitation Applications: Transparent Integration of Real-Time Control, Whole-Body Motion Generation, and Virtual Reality"
    by Pouya Mohammadi, Enrico Mingo, Niels Dehio, Milad S. Malekzadeh, Martin Giese, Nikos Tsagarakis, Jochen J. Steil
    on Wednesday 3rd June, 6:00 pm, in Rehabilitation Robotics III session (WeD18), Paper schedule code: WeD18.6

If you miss our presentations, you can still check them in ICRA recordings which will be available until end of August
Looking forward to discuss with you in the provided ICRA slack channel