PhD defense of Pouya Mohammadi on Body Regulation for Redundant Robots

Congratulations to Pouya Mohammadi, who has sucessfully defended his thesis entitled „Context Aware Body Regulation of Redundant Robots“. Pouya has worked for the last four years in the CogIMon project, where he investigated how the multiple DOF in humanoids and other modern redundant robot can be regulated in composable, transparent, and systematic ways. Through a number of experiments he could demonstrate interactive compliant walking with the huamnoid COMAN+ and a simulation application for rehabilitation through juggling between patient and simulated humanoid robot in VR. The thesis was evaluated by the examination commitee including Prof. Dr. D. Caldwell (Italien Institute of Technology and fellow of the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK), Prof. Dr. Ina Schaefer (TU BS, head of committee) and superviser Prof. J. Steil.