Three iCRA submissions accepted

All our three ICRA submissions have been accepted. Dehio, Steil Dynamically-consistent Generalized Hierarchical Control. This paper features a new approach to flexible organize task hierarchies for humanoids and other multi-degree of freedom manipulators. The paper Mohammadi, Kubus, Steil Exploiting Environment Contacts of Serial Manipulators investigates, how contact can be exploited for optimal application of force and Mohammadi P, Hoffmann EMingo, Muratore L, Tsgarakis N, Steil JJ. Reactive Walking Based on Upper-Body Manipulability: An application to Intention Detection and Reaction demonstrates an approach to adaptive walking for the humanoid COMAN+, which is generated through evaluation of the full upper body configuration and respective manipulability. For ICRA, 2902 papers were reviewed and 1277 were selected for presentation, which represents an acceptance rate of 44.00%.