Three IROS papers accepted

Three papers from IRP have been accepted for presentation at the IROS conference.

  • Niels Dehio, Daniel Kubus, Jochen J. Steil: Continuously Shaping Projections and Operational Space Tasks
  • Pouya Mohammadi, Milad S. Malekzadeh, Jindrich Kodl, Albert Mukovskiy, Dennis Wigand, Martin Giese, Jochen J. Steil Real-time Control of Whole-body Robot Motion and Trajectory Generation for Psychotherapeutic Juggling in VR. This paper is a collaboration with our colleagues from Universität Tuebingen and Bielefeld University within the CogIMon project.
  • Daniel Kubus, Rania Rayyes, Jochen J. Steil Learning Forward and Inverse Kinematics Maps Efficiently