The IRP continuously offers thesis of all types.

Even if there is no current advertisement on this page, please simply drop an email to Prof. Steil ( in case you are interested in a thesis with us. Please state briefly: your Studiengang, your background and previous knowledge (you might attach a transcript to do so), your interest, a suggestion for a topic (if you have one), when you want to start, and special conditions (if such apply).

On external Master/Bachelor/PhD thesis

In principle, we welcome collaboration with industrial and other external partners and often conduct joint research or joint activities. However, we supervise external master or bachelor thesis that are conducted e.g. in companies only if they are mutually agreed upon within existing scientific collaborations with the IRP. A similar policy holds for PhD thesis. See also the recent position paper (in German only) of the leading TU9 engineering universities in Germany on external, industry-based PhD thesis.



  • offer (external) master/bachelor thesis "cloud-based ML for robot learning" with Gauss Robotics GmbH, please contact D. Kubus (former IRP,
    • See above for master.