New DFG project on "Robotic low stress assembly of large, compliant components".

A new DFG project on "Spannungsarme Roboter-Montage von großen, nachgiebigen Bauteilkomponenten" (Robotic Low Stress Assembly of Large, Compliant Components) together with Prof. Sinapius and Prof. Böl of the Institute of Mechanics and Adaptronics (IMA) in the Department of Mechanical Engineering. The project will use a large scale mobile platform comprising a KUKA omniMove platform equipped with a KUKA KMR QUANTEC robot and a custom-made handling device to handle and assemble an aeroplane wing part available at the IAM. The project shall start early 2004 in cooperation of IRP, which will be responsible for the optimization based motion planning, control and compliant assembly, and the IAM which will research how model-based and vision based tracking information can be obtained, fused and converted to constraints to be considered in the motion planning and assembly process.