J. Steil speaks at Kolloquium for Abt-Jerusalem Award to Katharina Zweig

The Abt-Jerusalem Preis 2021 for outstanding communication in bridging the humanities and the sciences was awarded to Prof. Katharaina Zweig for her tireless work to explain and demystify Artificial Intelligence. It was presented on the 24.06.2022 and in honor of the award winner a colloquium with four scientific talks was conducted. The full event was broadcasted live and can be watched here. The scientific part of the colloquium was started by Prof. Steil with a talk on "Wie Menschen und KI-Maschinen sich ein Bild voneinander machen" (How humans and AI-machines see each other). It starts in the overall video at about min. 25. , whereas the final presentation was given by Prof. Katharina Zweig herself.