SU-Based Analytic IK for SRS Arms Yielding Eightfold Circles

TitleSU-Based Analytic IK for SRS Arms Yielding Eightfold Circles
Publication TypePresentation
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsBongardt B
Conference NameDGR Days (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Robotik)
Date Published11/2017

In the planned talk, the concepts of the paper ‘Inverse Kinematics of Anthropomorphic Arms Yielding Eight Coinciding Circles’, published in the proceedings of the conference ‘Computational Kinematics’, Poitiers, France, 2017, are presented. Within the talk, it is explained why the solution space of the inverse kinematic problem of an anthropomorphic, redundant 7R chain for a given pose does consist of eight different coinciding circles instead of a single circle, that has been reported before. The significance of the convention by Sheth and Uicker (SU) for achieving the obtained solution to the problem are emphasized. Further, the employed concept of virtual joints is explained.