Industrial Communication with the OPC UA implementation open62541

Betreuer: Sinan Barut

The OPC UA Standard - also known as IEC 62541 - is getting more and more important for the industrial communication.
It allows standardized and secure communication between multiple devices and different levels of production, from field devices up to the enterprise system. Thus it helps improving the horizontal integration as well as the vertical integration of the whole industrial production floor.

For research, an access to an open stack is helpful to evaluate and implement novel industrial architectures. One promising approach is done by open62541.

The task is, to get an overview of IEC62541, the OPC UA Standard [1] and evaluate the advantage of the implementation open62541 [2], [3].

[1] OPC UA Part 1 - Overview and Concepts Release 1.04 Specification (unfortunately no access even within TU BS network; you get a copy from us)
[2] Open Source as Enabler for OPC UA in Industrial Automation |
[3] open62541 - der offene OPC UA Stack |