Impedance Control: An Approach to Manipulation

In current industrial robot manipulation, the robots are mostly controlled in position control.
This is an relatively easy approach to achieve basic object handling and manipulation like Pick&Place.

However, there are restriction in interacting with the environment.
One way, to overcome the problems is to read feedback forces and react to it with a motion - by the position control.
A more natural way would be to exert forces by the manipulator instead of reacting to them. This leads to force control.

One possible way for force control is called impedance control and is introduced by Neville Hogan [1].
Read the paper [1]. Be aware, that only the first part is sufficient, but you are welcome to read all three papers.
Understand and explain the concept of Impedance Control. Also, give examples for what kind of tasks the use of impedance control could be interesting.

The nature of impedance control is mostly described by Bond-Graphs. A good advice would be to get familiar with them - see [2].


Supervisor: Sinan Barut