Centroidal Momentum Matrix (CMM) of a Humanoid Robot, Structure and Properties

"The centroidal momentum of a humanoid robot is the sum of the individual link momenta, after projecting each to the robot’s Center of Mass (CoM). Centroidal momentum is a linear function of the robot’s generalized velocities and the Centroidal Momentum Matrix is the matrix form of this function [...] it is actually a product of a Jacobian and an inertia matrix."

The candidate is expected to read the paper [1 or/and 2] and possibly other related works, understand the notion and present it in the scope of meaningful humanoid scenarios. Furthermore, the impact and contribution of CMM on the robot's balance alongside the real world interpretation of CMM should be addressed by the candidate.

This topic is suitable for master's degree students who have passed robotics 1 (ideally robotics 2) and are acquaintance with robotic concepts and terminologies.
Language: English

[1] http://motionlab.kaist.ac.kr/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/2013_AURO_OGL.pdf
[2] https://ieeexplore.ieee.org/document/4650772