Open Robotics Lab


You have an interesting idea for a robotic project ?

But you have no access to a well-equipped lab, robots and expertise ?

Then the IRP has good news for you:

We are introducing a new project activity where you define your
project and your team and we provide the robots, the lab, and
everything else you might need. You will have access to all our robots;

  • Kuka
  • 4x Panda
  • Humanoid COMAN
  • The industrial Stäublis
  • Baxter
  • Mobile platforms
  • etc...

as well all other assets including,

  • Tracking system
  • Sensors
  • 3D printer
  • Virtual reality headset
  • etc...

All you need to do is to join, come up with an interesting idea for a
cool robotic experiment, form your teams, and do it! Of course, we can
help and point you to interesting research-oriented or practical questions.


You should have attended at least robotics-1 and ideally robotics-2
as well. Furthermore, it is highly recommended that each team has at
least one member who has attended the robotic Praktikum at IRP or
robotics related SEP. For the advanced platforms it is a "must-have" that
you have some hands-on experience with robots and robotics.


If you're interested in attending ORL 2023, please contact Sven Tittel

Once you are officially registered, there will be a hands-on meeting
where you learn the basics about robot control. Then, we provide a lab tour
where you are introduced to our robots, their capabilities, their
software, etc. After that, you have to define your team and your
project and present them at a group meeting. Others, including
IRP's scientific staff, will give you feedback and suggestions about
your idea. From this point on, you implement your project and have

Previous Iterations

Basketball Bot (Open Robotics Lab 20/21)
Bartender Robots (Open Robotics Lab 19/20)


Project work
Credit points
Projects are credited depending on the student's department.
Computer science students will be granted 15 credit points as "Projektarbeit".
Others need to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis.
Sven Tittel