SEP2024 - Throw It!


Prof. Dr. Jochen J. Steil



Kickoff: 04.04.2024, 15:00, G04 - Informatikzentrum (Mühlenpfordtstraße 23)






The Nintendo Wii (2006) and the Xbox Kinect (2010) were able to revise the world of video gaming by a complete new kind of games.
The players had to act with their whole body, which attracted a new group of people to video games.
From then, it was possible to throw virtual darts or baseballs with actual throwing motions instead of just pushing a button.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a feeling for real throwing techniques, since you still just imitate the throw using a controller, which you (hopefully) do not really throw towards the screen.

In this year's SEP project Throw It! offered at the iRP, that aspect shall be tackled.
Classical games like Darts, Tic Tac Toe, or Pong shall be impemented in a way that the interaction between players and game happens via throwing balls.
Using a touch screen or touch frame, the hit point of the ball at the screen will be detected and the according action within the game will be executed.

IDE as well as programming language can be chosen freely.
Hence, we also do not specify any frameworks or other software libraries.
Of course, it's good to know some basics of GUI development, but gaining it within the team work should not be a problem either.
The only thing that we specify is the used hardware since it should be available for you from the first day to not waste time for awaiting the order and delivery process.

At the end of the semester, each group shall present their product at the TDSE and it should offer of at least three game variants (e.g., Dart, Tic Tac Toe, and Connect4) to choose from.
For the interaction, the game shall mainly exploit the hardware's touch functionality and throwing the balls shall act as the primary game action.
Beyond this, you can give your fancy full scope ;)